Companies use Curatr to transform online training
into an engaging and social learning experience
(Just look how happy Curatr made stock photo guy)
E-learning proving little value to your business? Time to try Curatr…
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    Social Learning

    Collaborating with other people is a fundamental part of learning. It’s what you do, day-to-day. Using an online learning platform that doesn’t have social features is like riding a bike without wheels. You’re just basically riding a saddle, and frankly, that’s silly. Stop being silly and start riding Curatr… Have I pushed the metaphor too far?

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    Gamification is how we guarantee learner engagement in social learning. Without it, the WIIFM of social learning really falls down. Done right, Gamification can lead to stellar results; mass engagement, healthy competition and real recognition. Do it wrong and you can find yourself in a bit of a mess

  • Digital Curation

    The world is full of rich content, so let’s use it. Curatr allows you to aggregate content from around both your organisation and the wider web. You can use this as a baseline of discussion, creating a social learning experience without lifting a finger. Well, you have to lift your mouse finger, but 9 out of 10 ain’t bad…

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“Our combination of Storyline and Curatr has delivered us cost savings of at least 50%”

Francois RonaieLearning Strategist

“I’m not going to lie here – this product is fun. I mean as fun as walking on sunshine with a beverage in hand and $100 in your pocket. That much fun!”

Craig WeisseLearn Info 24/7

“Our people really like the Curatr style of learning”

Julia MahoneyCoutts Bank

“Curatr is one of the most interesting platforms on the market”

Clive ShepherdIndependent Consultant